Discovery - Stage - Formation - Teaching


For more than ten years, the krav-attitude group has been advancing and bringing together many Krav Maga schools.

More and more structures trust us and train with our representatives.

This is why today, as part of its development, the group becomes FEDERATION.


Discovery :

You wish to discover Krav-maga with a recognized and trained teacher. Krav-attitude schools welcome you all year round.

Push the door of one of them....


Stage :

You can't train regularly.

You want to advance faster.

Join us on the krav-attitude courses in France, Spain and England.


Formation :

You wish to follow a particular training course. Krav-attitude Federation adapts to your requests to offer you training that corresponds to your needs.  

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Teaching :

You want to develop a krav-maga structure. You wish to create a school. The Krav-attitude Federation managers help and support you.  



Because in life everything is about ATTITUDE.


Just as rescuing a loved one is prepared in advance with first aid training in order to have the basic knowledge and skills (PSC1), dealing with an attack does not only happen on D-day.


This is prepared before:


- Physically, through the acquisition of technical skills and general physical fitness.


- Mentally, by being prepared to deal with the unexpected and stress.

That's why:

- Krav-Attitude offers a discovery of the discipline and a deepening of its study while keeping in mind the situational side.


- Krav-attitude allows you to improve your technical skills by keeping in mind the random side of an attack.


- Krav-attitude offers you Krav Maga training modules based on a study of the similarities between aggressions and a graduation of the answer.


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